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Evidence has shown that organisations can grow profoundly by becoming agile organisations based on agile management, agile HR practices, organisational ecology and agile leadership.

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about how you can do this  and learn how we can become your trusted partner for agile leadership and agile HR management,
by offering coaching, training and inspirational sessions. 

We are mentors, rather than teachers, that help your people learn by experimenting, co-creating and sharing.

We are agile coaches, rather than consultants,  that help your people to make the change to an agile organisation really happen.

We are evangelists who inspire people during talks and workshops about agile leadership & agile HR management.

We asked Human Reef to help us to design, develop and implement an Agile organisation with state of the art Agile HR practices, so we can guarantee our culture of engagement and joy.”

Lorenzo Bown, StoryMe


Most managers of companies who are about to set the next step towards growth are afraid of losing control, focus and structure. 
In the mean time they are afraid of having too much structure that would burn down the engaging start-up culture and frustrate their employees. 
By building a future-proof, dynamic organisational structure that supports collaboration, we offer them a ‘framework of trust’. So they get a grip on constant change while giving their employees the experience and growth opportunities they deserve. 

The basis for engaging teams can be found in the ability of organic formation and embedded growth across all levels and silos of the organisation. To create this ability, the organisation needs HR to set up a people development strategy, to implement patterns and to keep the organisation evolving as a Human Reef 
(a human ecosystem). 
By selecting, training and coaching Human Reef ecologists within the organisation we support our clients to develop a state of the art HR strategy, we implement agile HR policies and we bring Human Resources management far beyond dealing with payroll and administration.

It’s our ambition to be much more than a consulting agency. We will be your trusted partner when it comes to agile leadership. That’s why we listen carefully and dive deep into your business to understand your vision, culture, ambitions and needs.
We will implement and anchor solutions that fit your company and we will be your coach and mentor along the way to sustainable growth.
You can count on us to become a successful, agile and people focused company.

“Our company is growing rapidly. In the last few months we have hired 5 new people and our ambition doesn’t stop there. Human Reef helped us to prepare for our future and to conquer our growing pains by starting up project ‘Newance 4’. We are extremely satisfied with the Human Reef approach and have already learned so much on how you can organize more efficiently and effectively.”

Mathieu Voet, owner Newance

our offering

Explore audit  
Before starting your journey towards an Agile company we need to make sure that everything is in a place for a smooth start. To be able to design a tailor-made acceleration program we have to get a clear view on your expectations and we have to get to know you and your company. We do all this during our Explore audit.

During this audit we get a clear view on your expectations and current status of your organisation by interviews and desk research.

Embarkation - optional
If not all the conditions for starting the acceleration program are in place. We first start with helping you setting up the conditions:

- Learning your management team about Agile leadership
- Getting a clear view on your company’s mission, strategy and values
- Recruiting or appointing a human reef ecologist

The acceleration program leads you to your tailor-made journey for agility.  

To find the best way to evolve towards an agile and sustainable growing organisation we have created our own unique and agile approach, called TRIPLE LEAP AGILITY SCALER

The TRIPLE LEAP scaler consists of three implementation cycles. The first cycle focusses on the organisation (the reef), the second on each team (the colonies) and the third on the employees (the residents). Each cycle is made up of four phases: Learn, Explore, Activate, Perpetuate.

The anchoring program helps you to keep on improving your organisational operating system and agility. It’s supports your human reef ecologist to deepen their knowledge by training and sharing.    

Open training program
Our open training program is especially designed for companies who have already been through a Triple Leap Journey or have been implementing another organisational operating system like Holacracy, Sociocracy, ….

During the  training sessions you can learn more about developing a human reef, keeping your reef healthy, the latest insights on organisational ecology,… or you can get certified as a ‘human reef ecologist’, if you didn’t complete the Triple Leap

The human reef membership
The human reef membership is only available for certified human reef ecologist.  

The memberships offers you:
- A discount for training sessions
- Free access to the Human Reef summit
- Free access to 4 P-2-P learning sessions together with other Human Reef ecologist
- The possibility to buy support credits  
The membership is renewable annually.

Human Reef Triple Leap


From now on, Human Reef is officially recognized as a partner for kmo-portefeuille. If you have, or you are working in a kmo, you can get up to 40% off for our strategic advice and/ or trainings! 

What do you have to know about kmo-portefeuille? 
Kmo-portefeuille supports kmo’s in Flanders to help them professionalize through training and strategic advice. 
Below you can find some useful information about kmo-portefeuille and the subsidy. If you want more information about a collaboration with Human Reef and kmo-portefeuille, do not hesitate to contact us! 

Your kmo has to be settled in Flanders, in the private sector.
Small Organizations: Yearly Turnover Max 10 million €; Balance Total Max 10 million €; FTE <50 employees 
Medium-sized organizations: Max 50 million €; Max 43 million €; <250 employees

Below the tab ‘training’ you can find more information about our Human Reef training program.   

With kmo-portefeuille you can get up to 40% subsidy for: 
  • Cost of the training
  • Catering max 25 € per person per day
  • Course material
  • Trainers travel expenses
  • VAT can’t be subsidized 

If you want to collaborate with Human Reef for strategic advice, you can get up to 40% off.

For small organizations, the limit is 10 000 € with a support percentage of 40%. 
For medium-sized organizations the subsidy limit is 15 000 € with a percentage of 30%.
There is one subsidy limit for advice and training together. 

When Showpad had outgrown the excel-stage of HR administration, we wanted to make sure we made the right choice for our new HR Information System. The world is enundated with HR tools and we asked Human Reef to help us make that perfect choice. Els has that magical combination of understanding the needs of a fast growing, highly dynamic start-up environment...

Greet Verhaest, Employee Success Director


Who we are

Human Reef is a Belgian pioneer in agile leadership and organisational ecology.
By creating a framework of trust we unlock the full potential of employees and we empower new leaders 
to get grip on constant change.

We are an ambitious team of professionals with a strong expertise in organisational design, agile leadership and agile HR management. Together we help your organisation grow by becoming agile as a company and by using the power of your people.

Would you like to get to know us?
Founder and Human Reef Evangelist
Expert in organizational and process design, organizational and process development and digital HR.
Business developer at Human Reef 
Expert in organizational and process design, organizational and process development.
Freelance People and culture consultant
Passionated and result driven general HR professional 

Freelance Agile Management Consultant
Enthousiast in Agile organisational management. 
Experienced Agile project manager.
Human Reef blogger
Biomimicry expert passioned by people

Our Clients

Our clients are scale-up companies in Flanders and the Netherlands who are about to set the next steps towards a profound growth.

Our belief

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”
-A. Einstein

We believe that organisations can become more agile and grow profoundly by adapting ecologic principles which we can find in ecosystems such as coral reefs. We develop organisations like a Human Reef, based on organically formed and dynamic teams which we embed structurally across all levels and silos of the agile organisation.   .

"Now, we at Techventures have grown into a team of eight. We want to lay the foundations for further growth. Human Reef helped not only to do this but also to design a future-proof flat organisational structure which offers room for growth and entrepreneurship for all our current and future employees."

Henri Jacobs, zaakvoerder Forcit (Techventures)

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